What's SUP:

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, (SUP), is the water-sport that is exploding into popularity. Essentially it is standing on a giant surfboard and propelling yourself along with a single ended paddle

Why SUP Is So Popular:

Fun for all ages:
People are stand up paddling at all different ages. No matter your age or ability, SUP is easy to learn. As your paddling technique and skills increase, you can expand your potential. This is not an age specific sport. From toddlers to 100 years old, anyone can try and even master stand up paddle boarding. It is never to late to get out and stand up.

SUP is a great low impact exercise:
Exercise has become a priority for people of all ages. SUP provides a low impact cardio workout with incredible benefits for the core, back, arms and legs. Not only is it easy to learn, this great outdoor activity also stimulates the mind and body.If you're looking for an awesome low impact, full body workout, SUP is the way to go.

Entirely different point of view:
SUP provides a walk on water effect it's a whole new perspective. The ability to stand on water and look down into the clear water below is an entirely new sensation.